Ah, pour une fois que je le vois le Valais



Heli sans Ski   ;-)









Accompagnement médiatique de l'Airbus





Photo By Joël Fuchs, @ Heliport Grimaud





Photo By Joël Fuchs, @ Cannes


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See Twice, don't ask the doctor about this, you see well

The complete actual remaining swissjet fleet in one shoot

And the   I-RVAL  full yellow Ecureuil B3 will soon join the Heli-TV  Fleet,    is now in Lodrino to some check and adaptation


Peut-ètre un 2 ème   429        bientôt en Valais ??

PAX flight @ Calascio ( Centovali / Onsernone )

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Swiss Helicopter, by Markus Herzig

Airpic, by Laurent Baudillon


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